Firmament: new trailer confirms PC release date, with PS5 and PS4 to follow

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The new trailer for Firmament, the adventure from the authors of the classic Myst, confirms the release date on PC while the PS5 and PS4 versions will come later.

Firmament stars in an interesting new trailer that confirms the adventure's release date on PC, set for May 18, while the PS5 (with PlayStation VR2 support) and PS4 versions will arrive later.

Developed by the team behind such unquestionable classics as Myst and Riven, Firmament was successfully funded on Kickstarter and is set to catapult us into an experience full of narrative depth and great atmosphere, as expected of Cyan Worlds' productions.

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Compared to the studio's previous projects, the game adopts a truly intriguing steampunk style, putting us in the shoes of a traveler equipped with a device that can interface with various devices found within the Realms of Firmament, and with which we will be able to solve its puzzles.

The video presents a rich roundup of scenarios and situations that will make up an adventure endowed with undoubted potential: in a month's time we will discover all its secrets.